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TOP TIPS : Choosing your outfits for family photos

So the calendars have finally aligned and everyone has found a date for your family photos but you don't have a CLUE what to wear. Don't panic! Follow these hints and tips for photos you can hang on your wall for years to come.

TIP 1 : Be comfortable!

While everyone looks fabulous in a ballgown or a tux they won't make the most natural looking cuddly family photos. Studio sessions will often involve sitting or lying on the floor, often with a child on top of you! Wearing clothes that you are comfortable in and FEEL good in will give you confidence and allow you to relax and enjoy the experience with your family without worrying about wrinkled shirts or figure hugging dresses.

TIP 2 : Dress for the location.

Think about where the photoshoot is taking place. If its in the studio then less layers are needed than if you are wandering through winter woodlands. Even if its cold outside try to avoid really thick puffy coats and go for more fitted layers. Layering scarves and open cardigans show off your figure while keeping you cosy will give you more flattering images.

TIP 3 : Co-ordinate colours but don't match.

Remember the 90s where everyone had photos on their wall in jeans and white shirts? That phase of photography has definitely passed. Let your style shine through in clothes you feel yourself in. Chose a colour that runs through every outfit or complimentary colours but make sure they reflect your family member's natural style and personality.

TIP 4 : Limit Patterns

I love a good pattern but try to limit them in your outfits so they aren't too distracting from your wonderful smiles. If you do love a pattern try choosing one family members outfit that has lots of colours and pattern in and then use these colours to chose simpler complimentary clothing for the rest of the outfits.

TIP 5 : Keep it simple for timeless looking photos.

Logos and characters can also draw your eye away from faces and can make your photos feel dated when Peppa Pig is no longer your child's favourite. With that in mind however, family photos do lend themselves beautifully to a little fancy dress. Why not pack your family's favourites for switch in outfits mid shoot?

Tip 6 : Consider the background

If you are in the studio consider the background you chose and how it will look with your clothes. You want to pop out of your images so avoid white tops on a white background or dark colours on our blue or black.

Similarly if we are photographing in the woods lighter colours and colours such as reds and blues will pop more on the brown and green background of the trees.

Tip 7 : Accessorise!

While my abnormally large head (I blame my hair) never quite fits in a hat I LOVE them in a photoshoot. They are great for peek a boo with the kids and can add a fun element to a couples shoot. Think carefully about your shoes (they WILL be in the photo) and items such as belts and necklaces too. Props are always welcome and bringing your child's favourite toy can help them relax and play.

Tip 8 : Avoid all black or all white.

Now I'm not saying DON'T wear a black dress, just layer it up with pop of colour or some chunky jewellery. Black and white both tend to photograph as a "block" of colour and from a distance can make it harder to identify your body shape. Breaking up the block with accessories will do the trick!

Tip 9 : Consider your house interior

Ok this seems like a weird one but its actually rather important. Have a walk round your house and have a think about where these photos will be displayed. Do you like bright colours? Or go for more neutral tones? Will the clothes you have chosen go with the colour scheme and feel of your home?


While all these tips will give you ideas on what to wear they are TIPS not RULES. If your child ALWAYS wears rainbows, put them in rainbows, if they own every marvel t shirt available and hate anything else then Iron Man is my favourite. These photos are most importantly for you to remember what your family looked like and how you interacted together at one specific moment in time. Embrace it and enjoy it!

BONUS : Pinterest is your friend! We have made a board especially for the occasion. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT

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