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Planning the group photos at your Wedding

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

While my main approach to photography is to capture the naturally occurring moments of your wedding day, group photos with family and friends are also SO important to ensure you have photos of all the people who mean the most to you. I also find parents LOVE a family photo they can pop on the wall!


It will be a very busy day which will fly by. By having a list I can make sure you don't have any regrets about missed group shots.

You're loudest bridesmaid or groomsmen can use their copy to round people up while I organise them meaning you guys don't have to move a muscle (except your smile muscles!)

It stops you being put on the spot and hunting the crowd for faces AND means that Auntie Edna doesn't miss the extended family shot by being at the bar!

Keep it short and sweet.

When the day comes, trust me you will want to mingle with people with some bubbles in your hand rather than stand smiling for ages. Try to aim for 10-15 groups.

Start with your BIGGEST group. This will mean that you can gather one big group of people and then "lose" people to the canapés for different combinations.

For example start with your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all in one shot, then if you'd like we can send the cousins away, then the aunts and uncles and you have 3 variations for one group.

Remember you will have had individual photos with your parents and bridesmaids / groomsmen in the morning!

You don't have to be in ALL of them.

Plan photos that you want BOTH of you to be in and then work on the ones that are just the Bride/Groom. What about making use of a second photographer to capture couples and families without you in them reducing your posing time. Nana & Grandad may also love a photo of just them and their children all grown up.

Leave some for the party!

Work friends, the girls from the gym and the mates from footie are the perfect groups to grab during the dancing for a quick group. Evening guests tend to miss out on the group photos so make an extra note about any that you want to capture later in the day.

Breaking up the photos also gives you a bit of variety.

You don't have to just stand and smile!

Inject a bit of fun doing your groups on the bouncy castle or raving to the band or DJ!


This is my most important tip so I saved the bets until last. I recommend at least

3 printed copies on the day. One for me, one for my second photographer and one for your designated loud friend so we can ALL help make sure you get the group photos you LOVE.

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