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Choosing your background

We have some fantastic backgrounds to choose from in our Brinsley Studio. Which do you think best suits your family?

White & Bright

This is perfect if you like to wear lots of colourful clothing. It gives a flat plain background without any distractions and goes with everything!

The only colour I would avoid on a white background is... well white! It can work if other colours are layered on top but no one wants a floating head in their family photos.

Soft White / Grey

For a softer look I can use an unlit white background to give a light grey tonal effect like below...

Cream Corn

A more neutrally toned background this works well with so many colour choices without being as bold and bright as the white. Paired with creams and white it can give a lovely scandi boho feel, it works well with naturals such as wood and wool but also can handle the addition of colour pops.

Going Green

I love our leafy green paper backdrop. Its great for families who like a more natural colour pallet and creams and whites really pop. It is tonal so will give a range of green shades depending on shadows and sitting positions.

In the Navy

Our blue backdrop has the same tonal qualities of the green giving you a range of blue and texture. With darker autumnal clothing choices it can make for some beautifully atmospheric images or can come alive with pops of red and yellow.

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