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Beth and Blake's Engagement Shoot / Two Mann University

I am a big believer that every day is a school day. With this in mind at the end of last year I began a wedding photography course with Two Mann. I have followed the Canadian husband and wife team on social media for years (check them out, their wedding photography is what dreams are made of!) and have always really loved their work. The course has been AMAZING and really boosted my creativity as well as teaching me some new flash skills and ways to make your customer experience when you work with me even more amazing.

All these skills were newly acquired when Beth & Blake announced they were engaged, asking if they could have a photoshoot to mark the occasion. Having known the couple for a while now, I somehow convinced them that standing in the freezing cold while I tried out all these new ideas and processes would be super fun. We booked not only the daytime shoot but a visit in the evening to where they got engaged so I could really test my lighting set ups in some tricky situations!

Their patience paid off and I LOVE the photos we created. I am so grateful for their time and trust in me while I made them do a lot of repetitive actions running and posing in the cold. You can book in confidence now knowing that Beth, Blake & Ozzy the dog suffered the cold for me to perfect the process and I will be a lot faster next time!


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