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Working with St Giles SEN School

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Do you ever just walk into a place and instantly feel welcomed and part of the family? St Giles is one of those places. I was approached in 2020 to take portraits of the students as Christmas presents during the difficult pandemic months. Matt Rooney (Principal) spent the entire day with me getting a smile out of each and every child, which was often a challenge putting them in the unfamiliar environment of a photography studio!

Working with children with SEND you have to go with the flow and adapt for each of their needs. The staff were all amazing, knowing exactly what the children would love and bringing any equipment that was needed for all of them to really shine in their photos.

Since that visit I have been back for all their special events! Prom was particularly beautiful with all the leavers having time to celebrate the end of their time at school. I have also worked on their visual marketing images for their website and new prospectus now that they have their wonderful new uniforms. (Oh and school photos are an annual event!)

It's the first school I have worked with under the name Helen Boyd Photography and I am looking forward to many more years of working with them and other schools in the area.

Now just enjoy their fabulous smiles!!!

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