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Mr E's First Year

Meet Callie's buddy Eric! The smiliest boy I know. Another year of photos came to an end in Decmeber 22, but with the amount of times Laura says "I wish I knew you for our wedding" I think I am definitely their photographer for all future milestone events!

Eric was a cheeky from day 1. Refusing to sleep while the excitement of the photoshoot was happening and then sound asleep as soon as I left! You can see from the giggles as he grew though that when he was awake he loved every second of being photographed.

We had adventures in the woods with Hector, photos at the family home and then a visit to the studio for Christmas and a very messy cake smash. I can't wait to see the whole family again and convince them to have some sort of vow renewal so Laura gets those wedding photos! Tee Hee.

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