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Callie's First Year

Our bump to baby package is always a popular booking and I love seeing tiny newborns grow into mini humans with some amazingly cheeky personalities! Callie was first photographed as a beautiful baby bump on a cold day in December. She should have been a January baby and Mummy Tish had booked me in for newborn photos in the new year. Imagine my surprise when the Thursday maternity session also brought the announcement that she was being induced so would be here before Christmas!

I would say I tried every trick in the book to get Callie to smile, she mastered the disapproving look very early on and it took a lot of silly noises, funny faces and shirt flapping from Dad Ben to get the biggest of smiles. Its always sad when they reach their first birthday as the quarterly sessions tend to become annual events instead but I look forward to seeing Tish, Ben & Callie at the family's upcoming wedding after Ben popped the question late last year!

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