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Today is the day... I finally started a blog

I have avoided blogging for 10 years as I never really thought I had much to say but since flying solo in January it appears I have a whole back catalogue of things I could and should have been blogging about!

So to save my multiple email writing and endless facebook message typing I am going to put it all in here! It will take time but you have to start somewhere!

What brought this on? I hear you ask...

I have recently taken a photography course (every day is a school day!) Its run by Two Mann, a canadian couple who take EPIC wedding photos (seriously check out their instagram and you'll get why I am a superfan!) The course has completely boosted my business know how but ALSO kick started my creativity which I think years of school photos and jobs with strict rules to "fit the mould" had somewhat quashed. You might notice over the next few weeks that while I am keeping my focus on the real smiles, the fun and laughter, I am broadening the moments I capture AND the way I capture them. The subtle hand squeezes, the sideways glances and the raise of an eyebrow are all the ways you communicate with your loved ones, each just as important as a giant bear hug.

I have also learnt some epic new off camera flash techniques that I won't bore you with but just say I am loving the results...

Last and not least I have UPDATED THE WEBSITE! Which you will already probably know if you are reading this... but here is a sneaky video and GO HAVE A LOOK!

Love it? TELL ME! Hate it? TELL ME! Found a spelling mistake on page 3? TELL ME!



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