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Helen aka Boydie

I love a good story, not just on audible but the ones my clients tell me too!

So here is the story for you, how I ended up as a Nottingham based Wedding and Family Photographer!

Born an Essex girl (one who has not seen a single episode of TOWIE) I fell in love with photography in college. I always thought I wanted to be a graphic designer but one day in the dark room and I was HOOKED. The first time you experience the magic of watching a photo appear on the paper is a feeling you don't lose.

As a kid I was a Rainbow, Brownie & Guide and eventually became a leader which I continued when i moved to Nottingham for uni.

I made the switch from guides to scouts (oooo rivalry!) and while volunteering backstage at the Theatre met my amazing Hubby and in just 6 months bought a house with him! Well when you know you know right?

The first wedding I photographed was my Auntie Sue's. I was so scared of messing it up and while I know I would take a MUCH better version today I still love this photo of my Nana, mum and aunties singing after the ceremony. We all love a good sing song.

I still spend a lot of time travelling between Essex and Nottingham which means the 'Cob' vs 'Roll' debate is always ongoing in our house. I often feel I have 2 homes and am fortunate to have a set of friends who are fab at just picking up where we left off.

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Things you should know...

Part of finding a photographer is choosing someone you WANT to spend your day with.

The laughter, the crying, the chaos and the calm at weddings, I am there through it all. The unplanned moments are my favourite parts of the day, you get caught in a rainstorm, I'll be there getting drenched right next to you.

Family shoots I will be the one in a ditch or in a tree to get that perfect angle; the one having a dance party in the studio to get your child relaxed; the one with a monkey balanced on my head... seriously, a monkey.

So let's grab a beer or a brew and get to know each other!




Helen is just incredible! She was our wedding photographer and she made us both look amazing all day long which is not easy. She has such a lovely personality and made us all feel so comfortable (including the small ones) giving us the most amazing photos. She managed to get photos of all of our guests and was so friendly and polite (even when corralling the troops) that we have had many people complimenting us on our choice!!

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A really relaxed session, my little girl felt really comfortable in new surroundings and meeting Helen for the first time, this was helped by a Disney sing along whilst photos were taken or she got changed into another princess outfit.

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